Saturday, May 23, 2009

suggestions from Michelle

From Michelle on LDFR, some listening ideas, thanks Michelle.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Comments about the Veritus lists

The Veritus list is supposed to be be from a Christian company. However, they do have a few books that I know I do not agree with letting kids read. So, disclaimer here, this is only a list that I compiled that I would like to look into. I have not reviewed any of these audio books and I do not know if they are appropriate or not.

4th/5th grade veritus list

7th/6th grade veritus list

8th grade Veritus list

The song of roland, not completed yet

9th grade Veritus list

10th grade Veritus list

11th grade Veritus list

11th-12th grade reading list

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Freckles TBR

Freckles will be reviewed by Adam and Danika

Well I'm 3/4 through and just had to pop in to say that I LOVE this book. It's good, wholesome, has a wonderful moral message, and still has enough suspense and excitement that I'm having a hard time putting it down.
My normal plan was to only listen to my audio books while exercising but I've been listening to this one while doing everything today.

Adam is listening to his Freckles but not nearly as much as he did with The Enchanted Castle. I think that the suspense in this book is a little "older". He likes it but isn't so excited to get through it.

***Finished! What a wonderful book. Loved it. It had a lot more twists and turns than I expected. I will ask Adam if he wants to continue with it or if he wants to start a new one. It ended up being a lot older definitely. I thought it was just an adventure book from the beginning but it's a book that shows love, both parent and child and romantic. It spoke to my heart.

Possible discussion topics are courage, self-esteem, disabilities, honor.

Monday, April 27, 2009

King Solomon's Mines review by Amy J.

King Solomon's Mines

As an adult, I enjoyed the adventure and suspense in this story. I didn't let me younger children listen to it as it was a bit much for them (very descriptive in some parts). I had never even heard of this story but decided to give it a try and found it very interesting!
Descriptive as in violence….like a guy gets stomped by an elephant and they describe it very well. Then there’s a really scary witch doctor lady that they vividly describe. I liked it for it’s descriptiveness, but it’s not something I’d want my younger ones hearing about. I’d let my 13 yo hear it. J

Mysterious Island by Adam

Adam just finished mysterious island and loved it. It was long, I was a little surprised that he listened so well and liked it but he told me every time he finished a chapter and talked about it for quite a while.
I'll have him type his review later.

1984 by Danika

Whooee, not appropriate at all. I really enjoyed it but I should have turned it off several times. There was a lot of sexual content and some swearing. The ending chapters had graphic torture scenes.
Why did I keep listening? It was intriguing. Big Brother knows all, if they say 2 plus 2 is 5, it is!
I listened to the version from my local public library and if I can post a link I'll edit this to do so. I think you may have to look it up on your library site.

The Enchanted Castle by Andrew and Adam
The Enchanted Castle

Review by Adam and Andrew

The three kids had to stay at their aunts house.
The kids had a picnic and one of them leaned against a rock and he fell backwards and there was a tunnel under the rock.
They all went through the tunnel and found a castle. They had a lot of adventures there.
They go through a maze and find a sleeping queen. They find her and wake her up and later they have some cheese and bread and the queen says that anyone who doesn’t see the bread and cheese turn into a different food has a horrible secret.
Then later they have all sorts of magic jewelry. The queen says everything in that whole place is magic. They ask to see if they can use the jewelry and the queen says that if any of them tried it then all the magic would instantly go out.
The queen turns invisible and can’t get the ring back off that made her invisible. Then, eventually the queen gets off the ring and one of the boys turns invisible.
In the end they walked out through the tunnel but they come back again and again and again.

Adam-10: I give it a thumbs up and I want to listen to it again. I didn’t think any of it was boring.

Andrew-8: I give it a thumbs in between cause I sort of liked it and I sort of didn’t like it. It was good but boring sometimes.

This Blog...

This Blog is for my family to keep track of the books we are listening to and we're passing it on to anyone else who is interested.

Our intention is to post the links of the free audio books along with a short description of the main theme and appropriateness.

When my kids post a review I will type it, print it out, and let them use it for copywork. We will post who the review is by so you will know the age of the listener.

If you have a review please send it along with the link to my comments. I'll post it in a new section